Write Any Carrier From Your Client’s Phone or Mobile Device

Let Agent Alive give you a competitive advantage over direct writers online. Now you can do everything direct carriers can do. From live connection, to real-time recorded signatures, to ID card and document storage for your client.

There’s Never a Better Time Than Now

Insurance has been behind the technology curve for many years now but we are opening the door to a new wave of convenience and service combined into one, easy to use, insurance platform!

Live Video Call & Chat

We all know that clients value a trusted agent. Continue building that trust and relationship and at the same time give your client the convenience they get from other online options.

Real-Time E-Sign

No more emailing E-Signature documents and waiting hours or days for a response. Get signatures in real-time while connected with your client. Plus, record the process and reduce liability.

Two Step Payments

Your client securely stores their card or account information within the app through Stripe integration. Now, when they make a payment, they just enter the payment amount and confirm. You just got paid!

Reach your Customers in Real Time

Liability...It’s what Insurance is all about. Now you can record explanation of coverages, verbal confirmation of understanding and the E-Signature process.

Ever had a dispute about coverages or conversations? Not any more! You can go back and easily reference a recording of the day you explained your client’s coverages and even pull up a recording of them signing an insurance application or other documents!

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Mobile Scanning and Real-Time E-Sign

No more waiting on emails and traditional e-signature programs! Now, your client can scan documents to you in real-time. You can also get signatures on docs while connected with the client.

Reduce your time to close, exceed your client's expectations. We call it a "win/win" (but really it's more like a win/win/win/win).

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Get Paid Online with Two Step Payments

Getting payment from your customer online is easy now. Your client securely stores their card or account information within the app through Stripe integration. Now, when they make a payment, they just enter the payment amount and confirm. You just got paid!

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Incredible Features to Grow Your Business

Introducing the only sales and service application to give you every tool you could need to give the service of a brick and mortar location mixed with the convenience of doing business online. No more shuffling between apps and programs to try and accomplish all the needs of a business transaction, now you simply connect with your client where they are and close the sale from start to finish in one super user friendly app.

LIVE Agent Video Chat
LIVE Agent Video Chat

Keep your spot as the trusted adviser to your client through video calling and chat!

Real Time Document Exchange
Real Time Document Exchange

No more email, Dropbox, mail/fax or other antiquated forms of document exchange. Now, your office can hand documents back and forth, in real time, as if the client were right in your office.

Screen Sharing and Recording
Screen Sharing and Recording

Using our screen sharing feature, you can show your client proposals or other relevant documents. They can also share their screen with you at any time all while being recorded and reducing liability for your organization.

2-Step Payments
2-Step Payments

Payments are a breeze with Agent Alive! Your client stores their payment information using our secure third party integrations such as Stripe. When it's time for them to pay they just select the card on file, type the payment amount and the money appears in your account. It's not magic, but it's pretty close!

Customer Insurance Wallet For Easy Access To Documents
Customer Insurance Wallet For Easy Access To Documents

We all know the pain that service work can bring. Help your CSRs be more efficient and reduce the little tasks. Your client now has access to all their documents through your agency app, Agent Alive.

Mobile Device Scanning
Mobile Device Scanning

One of the most useful features of Agent Alive is mobile device scanning. It can be difficult when you need documents from a client. Now, they just hold their phone camera over the document you need and Agent Alive scans it to PDF and drops it right to your office. Awesome, we know.

E-Sign Document Creation and  Real Time Signatures
E-Sign Document Creation and Real Time Signatures

You finished a policy and now you need signatures. No more going into another program to create a complicated document then emailing and waiting hours or days for your client to get it back to you. Create the signature document while connected to your client, send in real time and have the client sign on their phone. When they're done, the document drops back to you. Boom. Done. Executed.

Affiliate Dashboard to Easily Add  and Reward Referral Partners
Affiliate Dashboard to Easily Add and Reward Referral Partners

Agents get referrals. It's the life blood of business for many. We have a built-in referral program. Each of your clients has a unique code when they sign up with your office. When they share that code with others and send them to you, they are rewarded for the referral based on your preferences.

Native iOS and Android Mobile  App to Serve All Clients
Native iOS and Android Mobile App to Serve All Clients

When we started, we knew we would have a vast audience between agents and an even more vast audience between all of their clients. That's why we didn't go cheap with a hybrid app. We built native apps to give your client the very best user experience possible.

Virtual Property Inspections
Virtual Property Inspections

It’s time consuming to drive to your client or to make them drive to you for photos of a home, auto or commercial property. No more! Have the client turn the camera around and start recording. Then take still photos from the video if needed. Save those valuable hours for the important things.

Customization of Business Branding
Customization of Business Branding

Add your logo and branding to your virtual office login page and in-office logins as well.

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A Platform You Can Rely On

Digital...What does it mean in insurance? It means providing our clients a reliable platform that gives the convenience of an online/direct writer combined with the service and security of a traditional insurance agent.

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